Frequently asked questions


  • Tickets can be pre-ordered at, or bought at the tourist information office in central Narvik.

  • There are different prices for the different activities. See tickets and program for a full overview of all activities.


  • The Arctic Kids festival is organized in Narvik and the Narvik region. Narvik is located in the middle of northern Norway. With traveling to Narvik is easy, you can travel by car, plane or even by train directly from Stockholm, Sweden. The regional airport Evenes is located 45 minutes from Narvik (by bus). If you travel with car, just follow the European Rout (E6) north to Narvik.

    The region provides perfect settings for a family-friendly offer. The natural conditions are used as a large playground for children and youth. Narvik city has approximately 15,000 inhabitants and the municipality has approximately 23,000 inhabitants and has all the facilities an average Norwegian city can offer. For more information about accommodation, places to eat and other activities in Narvik see

  • Yes.

  • We recommend that you adhere to the recommended age specified for the various Arctic Kids activities. This is because the activities are arranged in relation to age.

  • There is no public transport set up for activities. You either have to check timetables for public transport (Bus) or you have to drive your own car or hire a car. All activities take place in the Narvik region.

  • You can buy food at some experiences. Others have food included in the activity. Feel free to go to the website of the businesses to find more information about this.

  • Yes, it is entirely possible to bring your own food and packed lunches.

  • Unfortunately, not all activities are wheelchair accessible. The businesses will help with relocation as best as possible.

  • Arctic Kids has a main season every summer (July/August) and winter (February/March). We also have various activities throughout the year. See our booking page for more information.